In the fall of 2002, a voluntary alliance was created as a forum for provincial health research organizations to increase their strategic alignment, share ideas and identify opportunities for collaborations. The National Alliance of Provincial Health Research Organizations (NAPHRO) brings together ten organizations with a mandate to support the health research enterprise in their respective provinces. 

NAPHRO members operate within different political, operational, legal and financial contexts and have unique relationships with their stakeholders - provincial ministries, provincial research ecosystems, federal granting councils and departments, and the charitable sector. This diversity is a major strength of the alliance. NAPHRO is an executive level forum that meets once a quarter to address issues, opportunities and challenges confronting the health research enterprise across the country. 

NAPHRO is not a legal entity and decisions of the alliance are not made on behalf of any member organisation. 

Guiding Principles

The spirit of NAPHRO is reflected in our core values:

  • Respect for priorities of NAPHRO member organizations
  • Accountability & transparency in decision-making
  • Fairness, inclusiveness, and good faith
  • Confidentiality of all information presented unless otherwise indicated

The alliance has successfully collaborated on and contributed to various joint initiatives such as: